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Stardust Boogie Woogie
July 2010
A Monika Bobinska project Stardust Boogie Woogie is the presentation of the same show in five radically different versions, realised by five different curators or curatorial groups over five weeks.


Version I 30 June-4 July
Curator: Francesca Piovano
Artists: Tania Antoshina, Marcela Iriarte, Jane Mulfinger, Bob & Roberta Smith, Jessica Voorsanger
Stardust Boogie Woogie brings together five international artists whose work deals with celebrity and popular culture.
Francesca Piovano is an art critic and curator who lives in London and Moscow. Stardust Boogie Woogie includes the work of Tania Antoshina, one of the most significant Russian artists of recent times.

Version II 6-11 July
Curator: Louise Ashcroft
Artists: Charlesworth, Lewandowski & Mann; Mark Selby, Thorbjorn Andersen, Patricia Lennox-Boyd, Blue Curry, The Royal Standard Collective, Matt Ager
Stardust Boogie Woogie is based on the concepts of collaboration explored in Surrealist games such as ‘Exquisite Corpse’ and parallel collage.
Louise Ashcroft, curator of Departure Gallery,has invited the collective Charlesworth, Lewandowski & Mann to create a framework structure onto which other artists can build to create a final collaborative sculpture.
These other artists have been nominated by the curator and by four experimental spaces – James Taylor, Schwartz Gallery, Supplement and The Woodmill.
Ashcroft describes the process as ‘collaboration as an anarchic struggle between imposing, perhaps contradictory visions. This method of co-authorship parallels the ways that cultures and histories develop’.

Version III 13-18 July
Curator: James Colman
Artists: Damian Le Bas, Delaine Le Bas, Wayne Lucas, Iris Palmer
In Stardust Boogie Woogie, James Colman concentrates on an interpretation of the music form that is ‘Boogie Woogie’ through installation, painting and film: ‘I want Boogie Woogie to act as a sort of primitive metaphor for dance, freedom from inhibition, an unburdening of the soul, a psychological release… to be able to convey emotion through a fusion of art and music’.
The centerpiece of the show is an extravagantly painted upright piano surrounded by the debris of an imagined late-night music jam. The piano will be used in actual jam sessions throughout the show.

Version IV 21-25 July
Curators/artists: Carolina Ambida, Jo Dennis, Dido Hallett, Eleanor Moreton, Jacqueline Utley
Stardust Boogie Woogie seeks to combine the rhythms and many arrangements of boogie woogie with a sense of the performative in a show which showcases the work of five emerging painters - graduates of Goldsmiths, Camberwell and Chelsea. A publication accompanies this exhibition.

Version V 29 July-1 August
Curators/artists: Martine Feipel, Sean Michael
Michael’s and Feipel’s collaborative installation will explore the idea that outside the architectural space lies an infinite and destructive ‘outer’ space: a cosmological upheaval is taking place.
Both artists have an interest in deconstructing images and structures, making the world seem bizarre, distorted and disrupted.
Feipel, a graduate of Central St Martins, lives and works in Luxembourg. Mic