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Sensuous Panorama
8 24 September 2006
Lee Seung Ah, Byun Jae Eon, Jang Hee Jeong, Lee Joong Keun, Adam King, Josie McCoy, Jost Munster, Gaia Persico, D J Roberts, Greg Rook, Park Hee Seop, Hong Soun,Willem Weismann, Kim Si Yeon


A joint exhibition with SEO Gallery of British-based and South Korean artists.

The show, in media as diverse as collage, paintings, printmaking, drawing, film and installation, is an overview of contemporary art from two cultures. It draws on a starting point which is not defined by notions of cultural identity. Instead, it explores human, social and geographical experience in the context of a global culture.

The second phase of the exhibition will take place at
SEO Gallery
in Seoul 15 December 2006 24 January 2007

Willem Weismann participates courtesy of Mogadishni.